1. venture:

    #BucketList Item No. 38 | See Mount Kilimanjaro

    Inspired by @Lives2inspire

    Typography by Ilovedust 

    Standing at a cool 19,340 feet, this mountain is a hard one to miss if you’re cruising high above Tanzania. With miles earned from your Capital One Venture Card, you could be taking in this view before you know it. 

  2. My favorite Subway station.

  3. Good morning from somewhere over East Tennessee.

  4. Laughing Skull #atlanta

  5. Pleases how, exactly?

  6. The 40-year-old new bridge #memphis #latergram

  7. new orleans at night

    april 20, 2013, french quarter, new orleans, louisiana

  8. shark attack

    april 20, 2013, lucy’s retired surfer bar, new orleans, louisiana

  9. pirates at pat’s

    april 18, 2013, pat o’briens, new orleans, louisiana

  10. shopping in the French Quarter

    april 18, 2013, french quarter, new orleans